Marital Property Distribution

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Property division is one of the most critical determinations in a divorce. For both spouses to move on from their marriage with the resources they need and the assets they deserve, the division marital property must be carefully navigated on both sides to the courtroom—and because North Carolina is an "equitable distribution" state, a fair and accommodating division of these assets must often be pursued and argued for.

If you are facing a divorce and are concerned about the distribution of your marital assets, then the time to speak with proven counsel is now. At Scott C. Robertson Law Office, P.C., Attorney Robertson understands the challenges his divorce clients face as they approach the division of their property. Both in and outside the courtroom, he is well-versed in asserting the rights and interests of his clients and can ensure their stake in their marital property is compellingly put forth.

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It is essential that you have assertive and insightful counsel on your side during the property division process to ensure that you receive what you deserve. For more answers about our state's property division laws and how Scott C. Robertson Law Office, P.C. can protect your best interests, call the firm today.

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